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Since, you PAID (Authorized) your supplier for SHIPPING & manufacturing, Export is DONE by Seller.   You're HIRING us, to submit (IMPORT) ISF, Entry & Bond's (Nothing More)

AFTER 911:  Customs//Agencies (DHS//IRS//Etc) REQUIRES your Cooperation/Patience:  Email photo-picture of your Driver-License or Passport  (otherwise, do NOT import).
.  a. Also, all Importer MUST identify with Importer-id (aka: SSN or EIN number from IRS).   IF you're importing with your personal-name/sole-p, importer-id is SSN, all others are EIN
.  b. ISF filing is like visa to your cargo (aka back-ground-check Supplier/Shipper/Etc).  Customs Entry filing like passport to your cargo (aka US Stander//Compliance of Agencies//Etc)
.  c. Since manufacturing & shipping is DONE by Seller/Supplier/Buyer/You/etc, only other thing, it must be compete is, ISF (ie; visa), Entry (ie; passport) & Bond's (ie; register to Import)
.  d. We can COORDINATE with you & your-supplier/shipper, email your supplier info (email & contact name, &/OR  forward last email communication with your supplier), No extra cost

2. ISF (visa) filing Cost (two type):  ISF must be file, otherwise
Customs//Agencies will/could penalize you, up-to $5000 & etc.
.  a. ISF filing: 24 hours (our time Zone) BEFORE leaving foreign port:  $95 + Single ISF Bond (click here).   USED Household Good (HHG & Etc) ISF ($176)
.  b. Late ISF filing: 23 hours & 59 minutes (our time Zone) BEFORE Leaving Foreign port  or  HAS left Foreign port:  $159 + Import-Bond ($876.33).    USED (HHG/Etc) Late ISF ($373)
.  c. For us to file your ISF, email all doc's (ISF-info, Invoice & Etc) from your Supplier/Shipper & email your photo-picture of driver-license or passport.  For Self-file/Up-load (click here)
.  d. As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your seller, nor anyone)    ie; As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller, nor anyone)
.  e. ISF Payment (Check / Wire); Invoice & 3 page ISF Confirmation report will be email for your record & to your supplier/shipper, so they're able to, load to a Vessel (if they haven't, yet)  

Entry (passport) can be file ONLY with Arrival-Notice (FINAL-Import-Doc) from Forwarder/Vessel & Proof-of-payment from supplier. AN is issue 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US port
.  a. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is found at your Bill-of-Lading (BL) aka cargo-travel-TICKET.  BL is issued BEFORE leaving foreign port, by shipper/supplier.  Issuer AN is agent of BL
.  b. Arrival-Notice (AN) has FINAL-import-doc's of cargo:  Pick-up Locations (CFS warehouse/Terminal),  aka; cost of Unloading from vessel & moving it warehouse/port (IF any) & Etc
.  c. After submitting your FINAL-import-doc's/info's (Arrival-Notice),  within 72 hours,  Customs//Agencies will notify Duty/Tax,  Exams-notice (IF any),  Subject-to Agencies (IF any) & Etc
.  d. Entry Service $50//$95 + Entry fee $199 + Single Entry Bond (click here)  or  Import-Bond ($876.33, IF Subject-to) + Duty//Tax, Exam//Etc (IF any) & Etc.  For details (click here)
.  e. USED Household Good (HHG) & ETC:  Entry for LCL (434.76)  or  Full/Etc (534.76) +Exam/Duty/Etc +Import-Bond (876.33, IF Subject-to; DOT, EPA,  DMV, NHTSA,  FDA & Etc)
.   f. To ESTIMATE Duty//Tax, email all Doc's/Info's (proforma/draft/estimate invoice/packing-list, clear description, materials-usage, PHOTOS-Picture & etc). This may take up-to 72 hrs
.  g. Entry Payment:  Check (personal/company)  or  Wire (info will be email with Invoice),  But If it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US,  Exam, Subject-to agency & Etc), only wire is accept it

You Hired (you're Hiring) us to submit your ISF (visa), Entry (passport) & Import-Bond's with Customs/Agencies & IF any domestic Trucking (Nothing More)
.  a. FYI: ie: As Certified Public Accountant (CPA) provides Tax filing service (aka IRS-Broker).   We / Import-Customs-Broker (ICB) arrange ISF, Entry & Bond filing services
.  b. FYI: Just like any Visa, Passport & ETC, Customs can Reject any Person/Cargo Before/During/After in US, with-OUT refunds, pro-rates & etc, and demand export back to origin
.  c. IF you contact us, AFTER paying supplier/shipper &/or with-OUT consulting (with us/Customs//Etc), we're ONLY able to piece-together your import-PUZZLE, by analyzing all doc's
.  d. All Premium/Commission/Services/Arrangements/Etc Fees are fully Earned (No Refunds, No pro-rates & Etc).   ISF final ruling is 6 years &  Entry is 5 years  (IRS is 7 years)

Since shipping & manufacturing DONE by Seller/Supplier/Shipper/Buyer/You.   In other words, you Hired, your supplier for manufacturing, shipping & exporting out of their country
.  a. Shipping is DONE, when you PAID your supplier/shipper  &/or  by gave your XYZ address, to your supplier/shipper.   FYI:  we have NOTHING to do with movement of your cargo
.  b. IF you didn't hire your supplier for shipping, you would have to hire your own EXPORT (shipper/customs-broker & Etc), at country of origin (Foreign-country/Language/Time/Etc)
.  c. Questions relating to shipping, CONTACT your Supplier  (ie; if you ordered things from Amazon, they're your supplier/shipper/Etc, so if you have any problems, contact Amazon)
.  d. Questions relating to Arrival-Notice (AN), AN payment, pick-up locations & Etc, CONTACT issuer of AN.    Questions relating to CFS Warehouse/Terminal, CONTACT warehouse.
.  e. Questions relating to cargo-Defect/damage/missing/cargo-insurance/Etc,  CONTACT your supplier//issuer of Bill-of-Lading/issuer of Arrival-Notice/CFS warehouse/Terminal/Etc  
.   f. Questions should be asked, before PAYING some Foreign-person in Foreign-country (your supplier/shipper/etc).   Only, you're RESPONSIBLE for all Import/Export LAW's

6. Especially for first-time importer, please email all Import/Export Doc's/info's relating to cargo & email your photo-picture of Driver-License or Passport
.  a. IF you haven't receive any/some, please email your supplier/shipper info (email & contact name  &/OR  forward last email communication with your shipper)
.  b. We will be  COORDINATING  with you & your-supplier/shipper, to file your ISF (visa) & Entry (passport) with Customs//Agencies.  All email are Copy to you (No extra fee)
.  c. Customs//Agencies will/may Require POA (ie: authority to submit), if so, we will be emailing you POA (notary), to verify your-Info & fill-in "yellow-high-lights", and Email back to us
.  d. Again, Especially for first-timer, It's very important, that you (importer)  follow our detail instructions of email/website/verbal/etc, otherwise you will be lost in import/export-process

Bond's are REQUIREMENT  by  Customs//Agencies, for all Importer (ISF & Entry),  Vessel//Carrier (Loader/Unloader),  Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN),  Warehouse/Port & Etc
.  a. ISF filing: IF your importer-id (EIN/SSN) is with-OUT a Import-Bond (CB/$876.33)  or  Single-ISF-Bond.  SIB is AUTOMATICALLY apply.  But, If filing Late-ISF, CB is apply
.  b. Entry filing:  Single-Entry-Bond (click here) is apply to Entry filing.  BUT if cargo is Subject-to (FDA, USDA & Etc),  CB is AUTOMATICALLY apply to Entry, for your convenient
.  c. Single-ISF-Bond (SIB) & Single-Entry-Bond (SEB) could be done within 30 mins.  Import-Bond (CB) could be issued/signed-off by Customs//Surety, within 3-5 days
.  d. Import-Bond Eliminates most of  Single-ISF-Bond & Single-Entry-Bond.  It's good for Next 365 days & It can be Approved within 3-5 days (ie; REGISTER to Import)
.  e. IF this is your First-Time  &  IF Import-Bond (CB) is Not require, i suggest Single-ISF-Bond (SIB) & Single-Entry-Bond (SEB), until you're ready to import Continuously

8. ALL importer will paying Foreign, International & Domestic fees:
.  a. ISF (ie; visa to your cargo), must be file, 24 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port) &  Entry (passport to your cargo) could be file only with Arrival-Notice from Forwarder/Carrier
.  b. Bill-of-Lading/BL (ie; Airline-Ticket // Port-Port-Ticket // Cargo-Travel-Ticket) is created, when you gave your XYZ address to supplier.  BL is issued BEFORE leaving a foreign port.
.  c. Arrival-Notice/AN (ie; Taxi//Shuttle from Port to Hotel) is Unloading & moving to warehouse/terminal.  Must pay directly to issuer of AN, (ie; pay DIRECTLY to Taxi/Shuttle company)
.  d. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is FOUND at your Bill-of-Lading (BL).  AN is issued 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US.  Issuer AN is agent of BL (aka cargo-ticket-AGENT for vessel)
.  e. CFS Warehouse//Terminal (ie: HOTEL for cargo) is FOUND at AN; as you pick-up or truck (ie; as you check-out), fees are pay DIRECTLY to warehouse//terminal (storage/forklift/etc)
.   f. Let say, you're going to China:  Visa & Passport,  buy a Airline-Ticket from origin, to closest destination,  Taxi from Airport to Hotel (pay directly to taxi-driver & hotel).  VICE-VERSA.

9. After/Before/During unloading from vessel
.  a. Full containers/Etc are AUTOMATICALLY place at port//Terminal, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & ETC. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits
.  b. LCL cargo are AUTOMATICALLY place at CFS  warehouse, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & ETC.  It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker
.  c. Terminal//CFS Warehouse are chosen by issuer BL//AN//Vessel//Exam-site//Customs//Etc, depending who has space available, convenient & Etc (99%, importer has No say-so)
.  d. Vessel notifies issuer Arrival-notice (AN) & Trans-Loaded (shuttle) to CFS warehouse//Terminal.  It's Trans-Loaded to Closest XYZ address on your Bill-of-Lading & Arrival-Notice
.  e. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is FOUND at your Bill-of-Lading (BL).  BL is issued BEFORE leaving foreign port, by shipper/supplier.  AN is issued 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US
.   f. IF Orignal-Bill-of-Lading (OBL) is request by issuer of Arrival-Notice, contact issuer Supplier/Shipper.  OBL (PARTIAL payment, BEFORE leaving from shipper).  Telex (paid in full)

10. BEFORE you could receive your cargo  
or  pick-up  or  truck your Cargo to final destination:   Pick-up-Location (CFS-warehouse & Terminal info) is FOUND at Arrival-Notice
.  a. You & your CFS-warehouse/Terminal (hotel for cargo) MUST receive Freight-Released from issuer Arrival-Notice/Forwarder/Carrier/Vessel/Etc, by satisfying Arrival-Notice
.  b. You & your CFS-warehouse/Terminal (hotel for cargo) MUST receive Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) from us/Customs, by satisfying ISF & Entry
.  c. Also, to receive Customs-Released, cargo MUST be in Warehouse/Terminal & Email your driver-license or designate pick-up person driver-license or your trucker  company info
.  d. IF you need domestic-TRUCKING arrangement from us (LCL Cargo), email your receiver info;  full address, name, phone, email, photo-pictures of driver-license & Etc.
.  g. Call/Email Warehouse/Terminal:  1) Pick-up Appointment.  2) Ask if any fees are due.  3) If they need any other released document   3) Ask if any, visual/missing damage/ Etc
.   f. At the time of picking-up your cargo, Warehouse/Terminal/Etc fees aka in-&-out//forklift//Storage/Etc (ie; pay hotel fee, as you check-out) must pay DIRECTLY to warehouse//terminal

Before PAYING your supplier/shipper, contact us:  I) To avoid last minute.  II) to avoid $5,000 penalty & Etc.  III) to COORDINATE with you & your-supplier & Customs.  Also,
.  a. Term of shipping should be CIF (InCoTerm), as you give your XYZ address to your supplier:  CIF means, with insurance & supplier is Responsible, until cargo is US
.  b. Term of BL should be Telex-release//Surrender//Express (Title of ownership to Consignee, cargo paid in Full, Before leaving supplier warehouse), issue by supplier/shipper
.  c. Normally, having your supplier shipped, it's about 15-30% cheaper (mostly it's labor cost). Sea shipping cost are about $60-125 per CBM (pallet = 3ftx3ftx3ft/up-to 2,000lb)
.  d. Other reason, it will be cheaper is, most of supplier hires a Consolidator (shares cargo space) shipper, from your supplier warehouse to export-port/terminal/warehouse
.  e. IF hire own, other than supplier, they may do limo service on your cargo, meaning they may transport your cargo "only", from your supplier to export terminal/warehouse/Etc
.   f. Do NOT abbreviate any info to your supplier, Such as;  City, State, Names & Etc (exp:  LA could be interpretive as Louisiana  vs  Los Angeles to your supplier/foreigner)
.  g. If your supplier ask, name of closest US Port, just give them your XYZ address & name/company, so vessel could unload & Trans-Loaded to Closest XYZ address on your BL/AN

12. All Shipping is only  
AUTHORIZED  by You/Buyer/Seller/Supplier.     ISF, Entry & Import-Bond's are only  Authorized  by you (importer)
.  a. Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper)  in  Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Import- Laws
.  b. Some supplier like to give you advise, how to pay lower duty/tax, by lowering the Invoice value & adjusting description,  BUT in Customs/IRS eye's, it's a Tax Evasion & Etc
.  c. Most of foreign & international shipping are handle by supplier (except domestic), Otherwise, you maybe involved with Foreign Export department (Government, Loader & Etc)
.  d. Normally, having your supplier shipped, it's about 15-30% cheaper,  IF you hire own shipping company, they would have go there & bring it to you (possible paying both way)
.  e. Before PAYING your shipper/supplier, be aware of time-frame;  Manufacture-time, supplier/shipper-Holidays, our-Holidays, International-shipping-time, domestic-process//Etc
.   f. Most of common mistakes//problems with importer is ASSUMING & not doing any homework, and thinking supplier will be delivering to importer-locations, Especially for first-timer

13. All
Motorized (Bikes, Scooters, Car & ETC)   or   it's Related to FDA, USDA, Lacey-Act, FWS & Etc;  Whether they are for sale or personal use
.   a. If Motorized are over 20mph (32kmh), Subject-to Import-Bond, DOT, EPA, DMV, NHTSA, CPSC & Etc certifications, BEFORE loading onto vessel, If not, don't import.
.   b. If Motorized are under 20mph (32kmh), May not be Subject-to DOT, EPA & Etc, BUT it requires 3520-21, HS-7 (mark Box 8) & etc.  Fyi: US stander 20mph (China Stander 22mph)
.   c. Whether it's over or under 20mph (32kmh), all info must be list at Invoice, packing-list, Bill-of-Lading (BL) & etc, if not, Customs will assume Motorized is over 20mph
.   d. If Motorized is OVER 20mph (32kph), Entry must be file with Local Broker to verify/certify with DOT, EPA,  DMV, NHTSA, CPSC & ETC    As for ISF, it's can be file from anywhere.
.   e. Before PAYING some Foreign-Person in Foreign-Country, do your homework, by contacting all U.S. Agencies (DOT, EPA,  CPSC, FDA, USDA & Etc), otherwise do NOT import.

14. IF you are
DROP-Shipping to your Customer / Amazon-warehouse / etc, have your supplier/shipper remove all labels//brochure//Etc from all package/box/cargo/Etc.   
.  a. Give your supplier YOUR NAME (& if any, your company name), your email, phone & your Customer Full Address (BUT, do NOT give any other info's, about your Customer)
.  b. Your supplier don't need to know, if your cargo is going to warehouse or your final intentions of cargo.  You don't  want your supplier or anyone to become your future competitor
.  c. After your cargo in CFS warehouse, all International-Bill-of-Lading, Arrival-Notice & etc are Terminated.    Create Domestic-trucking-bill-of-lading & deliver to your customer
.  d. With Domestic-trucking bill-of-lading, no one will know, your supplier info, not even your trucker.  Only viewable trucking-bill-of-lading info are, your-info, trucker & receiver.  

Summery:  ESTIMATE fees of Import-Process.
.  a. ISF (ie; visa) file, 24 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port:  ISF filing (95) + Single-ISF-Bond (click here)   or   Late-ISF (159) + Import-Bond (876.33).   
.  b. Entry (ie; passport) is file with Arrival-Notice (Final-Import-Doc):  Service (50/95) +Customs-Entry (199) +Single-Entry-Bond (click here)  or  Import-Bond (876.33) +Exam/Etc
.  c. USED Household Good (HHG) & ETC:   ISF / visa (176)  or  if filing LATE (373).   Entry for HHG LCL (434.76)  or  Full/Etc (534.76) +Exam/Duty/Etc + Import-Bond (IF subject-to)
.  d. Bill-of-Lading (ie; Airline-Ticket from origin, PRE-purchase):  Sea shipping is about $60-95 per CBM (Cubic Metres = pallet = 3ft x 3ft x 3ft / up-to 2,000lb) with cargo insurance (CIF)
.  e. Arrival-Notice (ie; Taxi from Port to Hotel, is pay DIRECTLY to taxi-driver):  First pallet is $130-$250 & other pallets are about $40-$80, depending on seasons/Miles away from Port
.   f. Warehouse (LCL) & Terminal (Full/Etc) (ie; Hotel bill are pay, as you check-out):   First pallet is about $70 & other pallets are $20-$40.  20/40/45 container/Etc are about $90-150

Summery:  Before PAYING some Foreign-person in Foreign-country.
.  a. Do your homework, by contacting all U.S. Agencies (DOT, EPA,  CPSC, FDA, USDA & Etc), otherwise do NOT import.
.  b. Be aware of time-frame;  Manufacture time, supplier/shipper Holidays, our Holidays, International shipping time, domestic-process//Etc
.  c. Contact us for FREE one-hour consulting.  BUT if need consulting AFTER paying your supplier/shipper or during shipping, it will be $250 hour
.  d. Whether your cargo is penny or million dollar (one box or full container), all the fees & import-process/time/etc are SIMILAR.   Make it your worthwhile, otherwise do NOT Import.
.  e. No matter how much of info's we have given you or  you learned from others//books/etc,  you will NEVER fully appreciate the Import-process, UNTIL you experience it for yourself.

800-710-1559 (US) /  310-933-5444 (intl) /  Our SPECIALTY is ISF & Entry filing for all US Port
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