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Import Specialist Team 710
Animal/Vegetable Products, Residue & Waste from Food Industry Game Animals (stocking purposes), Products of American Fisheries
Phone: (562) 366-5710
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 712
Mineral Fuels, Inorganic and Organic Chemicals and Compounds, Soap, Waxes, Candles, Glue, Enzymes, Photographic Chemicals/Film/Plates, Beads,
Rubber, Washers, Seals
Phone: (562) 366-5712
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 717
Wood, Cork, Paper and Paperboard Products, Wheeled Toys, Arcade, Table, Ballpoint Pens, Markers, Date Stamps
Phone: (562) 366-5717
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 718
Beverages, Spirits, Vinegar, Salt, Ceramic Products, Glass, Various Non-Asian Food Products
Phone: (562) 366-5718
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 720
Wearing Apparel from China and Hong Kong
Phone: (562) 366-5720
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 721 Plastic,
Rubber, Leather, Knit, & Textile Gloves, Certain Wearing Apparel from Africa, Australia, Oceanic Countries, India, Korea, Singapore, Macau, Maldives, New
Phone: (562) 366-5721
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 722
Coated and Laminated Fabric, Leather Apparel and Accessories, Fur Articles, Feathers, Umbrellas, Human Hair, Artificial Flowers, Yarn
Phone: (562) 366-5722
Fax: (562) 432-4239

Import Specialist Team 723
Fairground Amusements, Footwear, Articles for Handicapped Persons, Swimming Pools
Phone: (562) 366-5723
Fax: (562) 366-5532

Import Specialist Team 725
Wearing Apparel from Central America, The Caribbean, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Thailand and all other countries not assigned
Phone: (562) 366-5725
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 727
Wearing Apparel from Bangladesh, Canada, Mexico, The Middle East, Pakistan, South America, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia
Phone: (562) 366-5727
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 733
Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Cobalt, Magnesium, Cigarette Lighters, Musical Instruments,Wooden Furniture, Fastners, Smoking Pipes,
Vacuum Flasks,Vacuums
Phone: (562) 366-5733
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 734
Tools, Welding Machines, Vending Machines, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Power Hand Tools, Agricultural Machinery
Phone: (562) 366-5734
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 737
Consumer Electronics, Printers and parts of, Computers, Televisions, Lamps, Copy Machines, Telephones, Collections and Antiques, Religious Articles,
Theatrical Props
Phone: (562) 366-5737
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 739
Motor Vehicles and parts thereof, Cranes, Forklifts, Aircraft, Spacecraft and parts thereof, Ships, Floating Structures, Work Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles,
Phone: (562) 366-5739
Fax: (562) 628-7902

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